Today is the day

And it starts with the direct order to the subconscious, advising you are going to give up smoking. Tell yourself this as many times a day as you can and continue right up to the day you decide to quit. In the meant time, do your homework by gathering the tools you will use to help aid you and set up your entire environment for the big day. Aim as you mean to go on.

One step at a time

The first step is to tell yourself that you are going to give up smoking.

You can do this

By pushing yourself through the toughest of withdrawals, you will never have to repeat that moment again.

Today is the day

Start today, right now, by telling youself that you are going to give up smoking.


Take back control

Knowledge is power and will guide you to overcoming addiction and be in control of yourself once again.

It is ok to fail

Make notes and learn from your failed attempts so that you can avoid the situation that led to failing.

Stop procrastinating

Make your plan, gather your tools, and don’t let anything stop you from moving forward.


Fantastic to meet you!

I'm Gerry

Don’t be a stranger and don’t go this journey alone if you feel you could do with support. Make yourself known to me and, if you want, it would be my pleasure to be beside you throughout the entire journey. Message me through this site and also come and join me and people just like you, on the CiggieButtOut Facebook page.

Giving up smoking is a serious journey but one that will not pass without a few laughs in-between. Let’s share our thoughts for the day and allow me to keep you on track.


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"Pushing through today will make all the difference as to how you will feel about yourself tomorrow."

Gerry Drummond


Ok, let's do this!

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