Do I wish I was a non-smoker?

It’s hard to stop smoking when you already know that the process of giving up can leave you feeling depressed, as well as send your stress levels through the roof. How do many of us know all this?  Because we’ve tried giving up umpteen times before, that’s how we know!

But even so, there were many things I hated about me being a smoker, and which is why I never stopped trying to be rid of my addiction for over a span of thirty years.

For a start, I hated not being able to run anymore, as everytime I tried, I would end up leaning against the next available lamppost and holding on to my chest as if it were about to explode all over the footpath. If only giving up smoking were as easy as me having given up running around the block!

I also resented my mother forever telling me that my hair stunk of stale cigarettes. And of course oldies love stating how they see things don’t they so she would always continue with “ for an intelligent girl, you do such a dumb thing, what with all the available information there is to be read about tobacco products”.

It wasn’t so much that I resented her speaking her mind and nor did I resent the fact she kept repeating herself with every chance she had. What I resented was the fact that she hit a nerve everytime she said it.

Let’s face it folks, being hit with the truth can leave a sting mark on our egos, right?

And the reason we don’t like hearing truths such as these is that we feel hopeless to do anything about it. We keep telling ourselves that we will tackle our addiction when the time is right. But the thing is, if we look back into our past far enough, notice how we’ve been telling ourselves exactly that, for years. So okay, here comes the next excuse; The timing just hasn’t been right!. Our lives are filled with working hard, family commitments and a tonne of stress to boot. None of us seems to be able to schedule in, enough downtime to organise a ‘give up smoking journey’. In fact, in most of our smoking lives we believe that the cigarettes are the only bit of sanity time, we possess, so why even give it up?!. It’s a valid point that most smokers can relate to.

But then why also is it that most smokers dream of becoming a happy and healthy non-smoker?. And why do most smokers say “ One day, I will give up smoking”. And of course, that last statement is always followed up by “ But, now is not the right time”. We then continue to rattle off a million justifiable excuses so that we can continue feeling okay about our smoking habit. It’s the same old song for most who still have a smoking addiction.

So first thing is first; You need to ask yourself “ Do I wish I was a non-smoker”?.

If yes then grab a pen and paper and start the process by following this guide.

  • Write down all the reasons you want to be smoke-free. ( kids, other family members, save money, new job prospects, better health, sports/ activities, etc.) Every reason, no matter how big or small they may seem, write it on the list. If you can get any of your reasons in photo format then that’s even better. Start hanging them on the wall for when you start your journey as these photos become great determination boosters.
  • Delve back into your memories and write down all the reasons you failed at giving up smoking during your past attempts. This is going to create a pattern of where you are weak and where addiction had overwhelmed you.

All those weak points you discover about yourself are moments that can be dealt with.

E.G.: if it’s anxiety, then learn how to easily lift your Dopamines and Serotonin in your system, because they lower the levels of anxiety immensely. CiggieBut Out goes into great detail on this subject.

  • If you failed your attempts because you missed the physical side of smoking, then learn how the subconscious mind, reminds the conscious of all habits we live with on a day to day basis. Learn how we can break the everyday cycles by creating new ones which the subconscious will grasp onto and start feeding these into our consciousness as if it’s always been so. How the brain works when it comes to addictions is such an amazing subject that CiggieButtOut goes on to explain it all, in greater detail.
  • Do not be shy to look into products that can help you overcome some difficult moments during withdrawals. Some nicotine replacement products are well worth checking up on. At the end of the day, it’s still better to be rid of 7000 toxins which you have with tobacco smoke.

The basic key to giving up smoking successfully is to study first. Powering yourself up with knowledge of how addiction bosses over you as well as how your body can respond better when not giving into addictions withdrawals, this will get you off the merry-go-round of repeated journeys that are nothing short of self-torture.

Big life changes that you wish to make for yourself don’t just happen overnight. If you wish to become somebody that you are not as yet, then one must do their homework and study first. This same principle applies to a smoker who wishes to become a non-smoker.

Study to power yourself up, for knowledge is the power that wins many battles throughout life.

And in the words of Audrey Hepburn:

‘Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I’m possible.’

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Yours Sincerely,

Gerry Drummond


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